Responsible operations

Coloplast is committed to run an ethical, transparent and responsible business. This is tied to our company values, Respect and responsibility

Within the Strive25 corporate strategy, we have listed ongoing commitments, which we upheld ourselves to deliver on. This is simply something, we never compromise on. This section covers all the commitments we have made to ourselves within Raising the Standards of Care; Product quality; Employee health and safety; Business ethics and compliance; and Inclusion and diversity.

Raising the standards of care describes Coloplast’s efforts to help more people with intimate healthcare needs globally. Since the beginning of 2007, the program has supported more than 70 projects worldwide.

As a company making medical devices for users, it is key that product quality is upheld. We never compromise on clinical performance or user safety. Ensuring a safe culture among our employees is vital for keeping our employees safe on the job. Therefore, we track and monitor the development and have ambitions to ensure we reduce injuries.

Being a global business and operating in multiple legal environments, we ensure to train our employees in our Code of Conduct, to have policies and processes in place to run an ethical business and that we have the right channels to report any potential misconduct.

Lastly, our employees make out the special Coloplast spirit, culture and without them, Coloplast would not be Coloplast. This is also reflected in our leadership promise which builds on our existing strong purpose-driven company culture: we aim high, we simplify, we empower, and we are inclusive. We ensure that our employees are being treated fairly, equally and ensure that we have a motivated workforce that reflects the society we are part of.

Raising the standards of care

Product quality

Employee health and safety

Business ethics and compliance

Inclusion and diversity