What does sustainability mean to Coloplast?

For us, sustainability is all about aiming high and finding the right balance that enables people with intimate healthcare needs to maintain fulfilling lives while we focus on minimising our environmental footprint.

Our sustainability agenda


We are addressing our obligation to contribute to a green and just transition by working hard to improve our products and packaging and reduce our emissions while always operating responsibly. 

Governance of sustainability


Coloplast is committed to running an ethical, transparent and responsible business. This is tied to our company values, respect and responsibility.

Partnering for impact


We believe partnerships are key to addressing the climate challenge. 

No one can solve the climate challenge alone, but by working together we can identify and seize opportunities to help each other reach our common goals.

Sustainability in innovation


Coloplast was born from a nurse’s wish to help her sister and the skills of an engineer. Their way of thinking not only helped the sister back then – but millions of people today.

We are applying those innovation skills to supply our users and healthcare professionals with more sustainable products and services.

Reporting & policies


Coloplast is dedicated to reporting transparently on our environmental, social and governance progress. Our policies and positions set forth the standards that drive our work.

A greeting from our CEO

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"Building a sustainable and resilient business is more important than ever. With our Strive25 strategy, we set an ambition to reduce our emissions and improve our products and packaging while operating responsibly.”

Kristian Villumsen President & CEO