It´s all about balance

The world around us is changing. And with it, we are changing how we do business. For us, it’s all about finding the right balance where we take care of both people and the planet.

Progressing on our targets

72% recyclable packaging

While we work on making our products more sustainable in the long run, we take immediate action to lower the environmental impact of our packaging by increasing recyclability and our use of renewable materials.

75% production waste recycling

Using the planet’s recourses to create product comes with great responsibility. To avoid resources being wasted, we recycle 75% of our production waste.

78% renewable energy

We continue to use 100% renewable electricity in our own operations, as we’ve done since 2018/19 and aim to transition to 100% renewable energy by phasing out natural gas.

Making life easier

We are on a mission to make life easier for people living with intimate healthcare needs. By raising the bar with innovative products and creating access to better care for users, we support SDG 3 on good health and wellbeing.

Reducing emissions

To balance the wellbeing of people with the planet, we aim to completely eliminate the emission of greenhouse gasses from our own operations and to halve the remaining emissions per product by 2030.

Product sustainability

The environmental impacts from our products and packaging contribute significantly to the overall footprint of our company. Therefore, we are committed to improving the environmental performance of our products and packaging.

Collaboration and partnerships

Working together is key to addressing the climate challenge. We work closely together within our company and with external partners and peers to create a more sustainable business and medical device industry.

Sustainability reporting

Creating more environmentally sustainable solutions takes time. We are happy to bring you along on our journey and dedicated to being transparent in how we are performing on sustainability.

Building a sustainable and resilient business is more important than ever.

Kristian Villumsen

President & CEO