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Supporting sustainable development

The purpose of Coloplast inherently supports social development in society. By making life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs, we enable people to be active and take part in society

Our sustainability strategy


As part of the corporate strategy process, Coloplast has reviewed existing efforts on sustainability and has set new ambitions to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Governance of sustainability


Respect and responsibility are core values at Coloplast and Coloplast work continuously to improve and ensure responsible operations. Coloplast, therefore, has a solid foundation for working with sustainability.

Partnering for sustainability


The challenges of climate change cannot be solved by Coloplast alone. By supporting international initiatives and engaging in partnerships, Coloplast can make a critical contribution to limiting the worst impacts of climate change

Sustainable innovation


Coloplast has a high focus on innovating products that solve real issues for our users. We’re committed to investing in innovation because innovative products benefit users and healthcare systems alike

Reporting & policies


We report on Corporate Responsibility and work systematically to integrate the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. Corporate Responsibility in Coloplast is guided by a set of policies that describe our way of doing business

Letter to our shareholders

Our values define the way we think and act, both as individuals and as a company

Our CEO's view on the business

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"It is our priority to make sustainability easier for our users without compromising product safety and clinical performance. Our users do not choose their conditions and they should never be concerned about using Coloplast products in any way."

Kristian Villumsen President & CEO