Reducing emissions

We strive to balance the wellbeing of both people and the planet as we work towards reducing emissions from all our activities.

Minimising our environmental footprint

To balance the wellbeing of people with the planet, we must continuously reduce emissions from all our activities – from when we source the raw materials for our products until our users dispose of the products after use.

We want start by focusing on the actions with the biggest environmental impact, so we have carefully mapped our emissions and developed a plan for how to reduce our emissions. This entails phasing out natural gas, converting to electric vehicles, limiting business travel and air freight, and engaging with our suppliers to lower their emissions.

This way, we aim to completely eliminate emissions related to our own operations and to halve the remaining emissions per product from 2018/19 by 2030.

Renewable energy projects across our sites

Power Purchase Agreement in Denmark

Power Purchase Agreement in Denmark

100% of the electricity at our Danish sites comes from a local solar park delivering renewable energy to eight Danish companies.

Heat pumps in Nyírbátor

Heat pumps in Nyírbátor

Our production site in Nyírbátor, Hungary, is now heated by an energy-efficient electric heat pump system as an effort to phase out of conventional natural gas boilers.

Solar panels in Minneapolis

Solar panels in Minneapolis

At our site in Minneapolis, US, renewable energy is sourced directly from the roof which is covered by solar panels covering parts of the site’s energy consumption.

Working with our suppliers

Raw materials and transportation make up the biggest part of our emissions. Therefore, working closely with our suppliers is key to bringing down our emissions.

Through our supplier sustainability programme, we have started engaging with the first our 460 top-emitting suppliers, which account for 80% of our total scope 3 emissions. 1

1 Coloplast Annual Report 2022/23