Making life easier

We are here to make life easier for people living with intimate healthcare needs. As we grow to create access for even more users, we have made it a clear priority to do so in a sustainable way.

Helping millions of people with intimate healthcare needs


We are a purpose-driven company, and we are here to make life easier for people living with intimate healthcare needs. We do this by raising the bar with innovative products and creating access to better care for users.


This way, we contribute positively to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 which is all about ensuring healthy lives and promote wellbeing for everyone at all ages.


While continuing to make life easier for millions of people around the world, we aim high to balance the wellbeing of users with the planet.

Raising the bar with innovative products

Through user-driven innovation, we aim to enable personalised care for our users with our core products, extended solutions and services.

Our Clinical Performance Programme aims to bring clinically differentiated products to the market, backed by clinical evidence.

Access to better care for users

Having the right products in place doesn’t make life easier for users if they can’t get a hold of them. We have set a long-term ambition of continually creating access to better care for another one million new users across all our business areas and geographies. 

With our Access to Healthcare programme we bring together practitioners, users, NGOs and other public and private stakeholders to empower users, train practitioners and advocate for better care. Since 2007, we have supported 80+ projects in 20 countries.

Making life easier for our users

Marion |
User, Wound Care
Marion | User, Wound Care

"The dressing is making my wound heal quicker. And I’m in a better frame of mind because it’s healing. I’m just really happy to be honest."

Stinna |
User, Continence Care
Stinna | User, Continence Care

"I don’t think about catheterising so much anymore. I’d say that my family and friends worry about it more than I do."

Deirdre |
User, Ostomy Care
Deirdre | User, Ostomy Care

"Finding the right products for me, gave me the confidence to feel like I could have a normal life again."

Carina |
User, Bowel Care
Carina | User, Bowel Care

"For 10 years I have had the mental challenge that I couldn’t trust my bowel, it takes time to rebuild that trust. I now have better control over my bowel."