Governance of sustainability

Coloplast’s mission is to make life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs. With our ambitious commitment to sustainability, we want to make sustainability easier for our users - they do not choose their conditions and they should never be concerned about using Coloplast products in any way.

Sustainability is anchored at the top

To ensure that we deliver on our sustainability ambitions, we have ensured the right organisational anchoring. The sustainability steering committee is governed by the Executive Leadership Team, to ensure progress on the strategy. The sustainability steering committee cover aspects such as sustainability risks, opportunities, as well as recommendations for further improvements. The steering committee convenes four times a year.

The sustainability department is responsible for embedding the strategy in the organisation as well as identifying further strategic opportunities. The sustainability department is placed within Global Quality and Regulatory Affairs; a department that is involved with the decision-making around Coloplast products throughout the value-chain.

Within the Strive25 period, Coloplast is committed to investing up to DKK 250 million on more sustainable solutions and focus on building competencies within our organisation to accelerate this change and help achieve our renewable energy ambitions.