Sustainable strategy
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Our sustainability strategy

As part of the corporate strategy process, Coloplast has reviewed existing efforts on sustainability and has set new ambitions to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals

It is our priority to make sustainability easier for our users without compromising product safety and clinical performance. Our users do not choose their conditions and they should not be concerned about using Coloplast products in any way.


Respect and responsibility are core values at Coloplast and Coloplast works continuously to improve and ensure responsible operations. Coloplast, therefore, has a solid foundation for working with sustainability.


To further advance sustainable development, Coloplast has set new priorities. We can do even more to reduce our emission as well as reducing the impacts of our products and packaging. While we have an on-going commitment to responsible operations, we will advance our performance by prioritizing our resources on improving product and packaging as well as reducing emissions.

The purpose of Coloplast inherently supports social development
in society. By making life easier for people with intimate healthcare
needs, we enable people to be active and take part in society. As a
manufacturer of medical products, we acknowledge our responsibility
to reduce the impact on the environment and want to make
sustainability easy for our users.

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Improving products and packaging

Reducing emissions

Responsible operations